Whiskey Wood Creations started nearly 7 years ago.

Its website has a Domain/Page Authority score of 20, Global Alexa Rank of 6,758,589, and 700 backlinks.

Owner is seeking to re-home the brand, its domain and assets. Are you ready to take the ropes?

What's included in the sale?

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Whiskey Wood Creations is rooted in sawdust, in wood shops, in curiosity, and in an appreciation of handmade goods. I'm Scott Mathson and I founded WWC nearly 7 years ago. I initially pursued commerce, creating and selling a line of reclaimed wood goods and custom furniture orders, shipping to customers around the world.

WWC has taken me to a variety of new places, providing unique opportunities and opening so many new doors along the way. I've met, collaborated, and become friends with many great folks because of this brand. Through it, my work lives on in homes in Florida, Australia, California, Montana, and beyond. I could go on and on.

Yet I feel an undeniable need to re-focus, to transition my business efforts. I haven't given Whiskey Wood Creations the attention that this brand and its loyal audience, followers, and customers deserve. So, I am looking to pass the Whiskey Wood Creations ropes on to the next passionate owner.

Looking ahead, there are multiple directions in which the brand could be taken. Whether down the do-it-yourself (DIY) blog route, with how-to's and tutorials for other woodworkers, or back to its eCommerce roots, selling wood goods under the Whiskey Wood Creations heirloom brand name. Perhaps your vision includes re-positioning things, introducing whiskey-themed products? There are endless possibilities!

Wherever it's led, Whiskey Wood Creations deserves to sail on. People are eager to see what the future holds, what this next version will bring them. Are you ready to take the ropes? If so, let's talk, email me directly.

Onward and upward,

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Scott Mathson, Founder
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What's included in purchasing this brand?

Sale Includes:

Sale does not include some, specific intellectual property. This IP may be transferred to another domain or portfolio, under a different name.

Whiskey Wood Creations domain (whiskeywoodcreations.com)

In short, whiskeywoodcreations.com is in a wonderful position, SEO-wise.

whiskeywoodcreations.com has DA/PA score of 20, Global Alexa Rank of 6,758,589, and 700 backlinks.

Domains earn a score, a number called domain (and page) authority over time. A domain's authority is built through a ranking system of credibility on the internet. Example: a website that links to your domain, will then pass along their link equity, gaining you more authority on your domain, more credibility over time. Another system similar to this is a website's traffic-based Alexa Rank.

Being purchased in 2013, whiskeywoodcreations.com has longevity and a strong domain authority.

All of this ultimately puts this domain's publisher in a better position to be able to rank higher in search with new blog articles and content published to this warmed, authoritative domain. Domain, page, and link equity are core tenants of SEO, as are backlinks.

Organic search Top 50 results historical keywords trend graph for whiskeywoodcreations.com domain:

Whiskey Wood Creations domain keywords organic trend

Tools like the Wayback Machine by Internet Archive provide historical screen captures of whiskeywoodcreations.com throughout the years.

Whiskey Wood Creations style guide (in short)

Whiskey Wood Creations logo

Main, primary font: Overpass

Secondary font: Overpass Mono

Overpass typeface and font family, created by Delve fonts, is inspired by the classic Highway Gothic (formally known as the FHWA Series fonts or the Standard Alphabets for Highway Signs).

Brand colors

Other colors within the palette can be used, throughout mediums and marketing, accordingly. Dark black:      Mid grey:      Light grey:      Very light grey:      and white.

The sale includes WWC full style guide, typefaces,/fonts, CSS stylesheets, and other brand assets.

Again, there are multiple directions in which the new owner could take this established brand. 7 years of groundwork, authority, and awareness have been laid.

Reach out if interested in buying WWC. This sale's price is in similar range of one year's average auto insurance costs and my LLC's sales documents are ready. Payment will be processed through secure business transaction service escrow.com or similar system. I am ready to answer any question and we can discuss more about expenses, traffic, performance, and other statistics and figures.

Where will you take this next?