Affiliate Disclaimer

Whiskey Wood Creations, Scott Mathson, and Mathson Design, LLC believe in operating a transparent business that benefits everyone. We’d like to disclose that we recommend a variety of products and services online that we do directly use and believe in, and that our business may get a commission if you end up completing a purchase through one of the shared, affiliate links.

Our biggest goal is to encourage and support each other in creating things by hand. To help everyone, we choose to recommend various items. As a business, we aim to generate revenue and strive to maintain a profitable business. Recommending products and services is one stream of revenue that helps provide us with funds to continue producing the content that you all enjoy.

It's not feasible to put together a comprehensive list of any and/or all affiliates/associations, yet you should assume that the majority of links leading to specific products or services are affiliate links and that we will be compensated for a completed sale.

Again, we're very careful about who we promote, choosing to share products and services that we directly believe in and personally use. The exception here may be third-party Ads served from Google's Adsense, for example (we have no control of what Ads they serve).

If you have any questions regarding this disclaimer, please do not hesitate to contact us, feel free to reach out to Scott, personally: [email protected]

Thanks for your support and thank you to DIY Pete, LLC for the help, inspiration, and similar content for this disclaimer.

Now get out there and make things!

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