Focuses shift, but some things remain.

Whiskey Wood Creations is a custom wood shop turned visual content and media producer. Sharing tutorials and projects through visual, written, and designed media. Enjoying the art of woodworking, making, and hand-crafting.

Lately, I've been digging into a broader variety of projects and mediums. WWC is rooted in woodworking, yes, but exploring metal, concrete, leather, and more. In a sense, I've been slowly rebranding into what you now see today, yet not putting it through a complete name change.

Who, what, and how

Whiskey Wood Creations Scott Mathson

I'm Scott Mathson and I started Whiskey Wood Creations back in 2013, offering carpentry/woodworking services and selling custom furniture along with a line of Montana-themed goods, to clients.

There's no two ways around what I am: a Maker. Creating something, whether it's designing and developing a website for a client or creating a custom, walnut slab bar-top, it's embedded in my core. It's who I am. It's what I do. I’m a big supporter of the handmade movement, small and local businesses, and recycling and reclaiming as much as possible.

Past, present, and future

I spent time traditionally training in a fine woodworking and finish carpentry apprenticeship, with a Montana cabinetmaker in 2014. I even wrote and published an eBook about this woodworking apprenticeship, it's just as much a coming of age story as it is a woodworking piece. Again, rooted in woodworking, but not limiting myself to a particular medium. Along the way, I've always been very passionate about and have advanced my skills in online digital marketing, web development, and web design and I continue to work full-time in that industry.

After the apprenticeship and working where I do now, I was the Web, Media, and Marketing Manager for DIY Pete. Pete and I focused on creating woodworking, concrete, metalworking, and other projects that anyone can tackle. It was awesome to be an integral part in filming, writing, designing, creating, producing, and marketing these projects. I'm indebted to him for what I learned during that time.

My biggest goal is to encourage and support each other in creating things by hand. Spreading the consistent message to "get out there and make things" Feel free to reach out to me personally: [email protected], I am open to collaborations, sponsorships/partnerships, and am looking forward to speaking to you.

Current gear/setup

Shoutouts, testimonials, and kudos

“[The Carpenter’s Apprentice] Good read to be sure! This writing is very genuine and I like that. Very requisite of Scott as a person: honest, genuine and wholesome. Those qualities are essential.” — David, Tennessee

DIY Projects with Pete

During my time as Web, Media, and Marketing Manager for DIY Pete, we accomplished a lot and set the company and personal brand up for many more future successes. My roles and duties in the variety of woodworking, concrete, and metal projects focused on the content/media: directing, writing, designing, filming, editing, and optimizing, the marketing: affiliate marketing, social media, digital marketing in general, and the website: SEO, content management, design, development, analytics, partnerships, and more.

Strategizing and deciding on committing to a weekly content schedule, releasing videos every Thursday, was crucial in growing the brand, maintaining and gaining credibility, and marketing evergreen content. Grew an audience of over 50,000 and counting YouTube subscribers, 3 million views, and 10,000+ email subscribers. A direct result led to boosted site visitors from 70,000/month to over 150,000 and counting/month, all organically, consistent 100%+ returns year over year.

"Scott is a hard worker and someone who is dedicated to setting goals and obtaining them. Scott is knowledgeable of content creation, content management, SEO, and online marketing. Scott played an active roll in making sure tasks and big projects were done effectively and efficiently. He is proficient in video editing, filming, and Youtube video creation. Scott is also a very personable, reliable, family oriented, and great all around person." — Pete Sveen

How to Make a Wood TV Console video

Given that I had more air-time then usual in this particular video, the filming and production aren't like the videos where I was behind the camera more. Of course, any assets alongside this project such as the blog post (tutorial and photos), the SketchUp woodworking plans (11 page downloadable PDF Plans), and the video itself (filming, producing, editing, etc.) were all managed by yours truly.

WWC media assets

A variety of media assets from the official Whiskey Wood Creations logo to various project shots, the eBook cover, Scott's profile shot, and more. Right click any image, open in new tab to save full resolution if needed.

Whiskey Wood Creations logo Whiskey Wood Creations Scott Mathson Whiskey Wood Creations pallet coffee table
Whiskey Wood Creations Montana shaped wood plague Whiskey Wood Creations Custom wood cutting board Whiskey Wood Creations mortise tenon entryway bench
Whiskey Wood Creations custom walnut slab bar top Whiskey Wood Creations logo banner The Carpenter's Apprentice by Scott Mathson

WWC style guide

Main, primary font: Overpass - click here to get Overpass

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Overpass typeface and font family, created by Delve fonts, is inspired by the classic Highway Gothic (formally known as the FHWA Series fonts or the Standard Alphabets for Highway Signs).

Brand colors

Other colors within the palette can be used, throughout mediums and marketing, accordingly. Dark black:      Mid grey:      Light grey:      Very light grey:      and white.

Again, my biggest goal is to encourage and support each other in creating things by hand. I strive to inspire, give, teach, and share. Spreading the consistent message to "get out there and make things" Feel free to reach out to me personally: [email protected], I am open to collaborations, sponsorships/partnerships, and am looking forward to speaking to you.