The Wood Shop

Willkommen im Holzladen! — Welcome to the Wood Shop!

I'm Scott Mathson and this is Whiskey Wood Creations. I'm a Maker! WWC is a custom wood shop turned visual content and media producer. Sharing tutorials and projects through visual, written, and designed media. Enjoying the art of woodworking, making, and hand-crafting.

I'm a big supporter of the handmade movement, small and local businesses, and recycling and reclaiming as much as possible. The materials used in the making of my woodworking projects are locally salvaged and reclaimed, as often as possible.


Reclaimed wood coaster sets

Reclimed oak and walnut wood coaster set

iPhone desk stand

Lodgepole pine iPhone desk stand

Trout wall hanging

Trout wall hanging - walnut and oak wood

Montana wood keychain

Montana shaped walnut wood keychain