Hello and welcome! I'm Scott Mathson and I started Whiskey Wood Creations back in 2013, offering carpentry/woodworking services and selling custom furniture along with a line of Montana-themed goods, to clients.

There's no two ways around what I am: a Maker. Creating something, whether it's designing and developing a website for a client or creating a custom, walnut slab bar-top, it's embedded in my core. It's who I am. It's what I do. I’m a big supporter of the handmade movement, small and local businesses, and recycling and reclaiming as much as possible.

Focuses shift, but some things remain.

WWC is a custom wood shop turned visual content and media producer. Sharing tutorials and projects through visual, written, and designed media. Enjoying the art of woodworking, making, and hand-crafting.

Lately, I've been digging into a broader variety of projects and mediums. WWC is rooted in woodworking, yes, but exploring metal, concrete, leather, and more. In a sense, I've been slowly rebranding into what you now see today, yet not putting it through a complete name change, as I've been told that Whiskey Wood Creation is an heirloom name and that nothing fits better.

I'm a Musician. Designer. Fly fisherman, and much more. I spent time traditionally training in a fine woodworking and finish carpentry apprenticeship, with a Montana cabinetmaker in 2014. I even wrote and published an eBook about this woodworking apprenticeship, it's just as much a coming of age story as it is a woodworking piece. Again, rooted in woodworking, but not limiting myself to a particular medium. Along the way, I've always been very passionate about and have advanced my skills in online digital marketing, web development, and web design and I continue to work full-time in that industry.

After the apprenticeship and working where I do now, I was the Web, Media, and Marketing Manager for DIY Pete. Pete and I focused on creating woodworking, concrete, metalworking, and other projects that anyone can tackle. It was awesome to be an integral part in filming, writing, designing, creating, producing, and marketing these projects. I'm indebted to him for what I learned during that time.

Being a designer and maker means more than just brainstorming, it means dreaming, breathing, and living the piece that you’re making. Heart and soul, blood, sweat, and tears.
walnut slab custom bar top
Here's an image of a custom, walnut slab bar top I made and shipped to clients in Florida.

My biggest goal is to encourage and support each other in creating things by hand. Now get out there and make things! Feel free to reach out to me personally: [email protected] (Patreon supporters get quicker responses, take priority). Thanks for your support.

You can help support Whiskey Wood Creations woodworking content by shopping through this Amazon.com affiliate link (https://amzn.to/1NVDqED). I receive a small commission for sales made through the link. Thank you, in advanced.

The Carpenter's Apprentice woodworking eBook

Extremely detailed, 50+ pages with images, techniques, and insight. Not only does this eBook encompass woodworking advice, in particular joinery, apprenticeships, and project/product design advice, it is also the author's story of realizing who and what is important in life.

This is truly as much of a coming-of-age story as it is about the actual processes of gaining an apprenticeship, familiarizing oneself with tools, equipment, and woodworking techniques, and fulfilling customer’s orders while working in a production cabinetry wood shop.

Mortise and tenon joint - entryway bench
“Good read to be sure! This writing is very genuine and I like that. Very requisite of Scott as a person: honest, genuine and wholesome. Those qualities are essential.” – David C, Tennessee
Montana shaped wall plague - home decor

Makerviews by Scott Mathson

Makerviews exists to share, inspire, and give access to a wide variety of makers and their chosen crafts.

Rooted in a deep love and appreciation of handmade, quality goods, I'm setting out to partner and collaborate with artisans and craftspeople, highlighting these makers through in-depth articles.

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