I'm Scott Mathson and this is Whiskey Wood Creations. I'm a Maker! WWC is a custom wood shop turned visual content and media producer. Sharing tutorials and projects through visual, written, and designed media. Enjoying the art of woodworking, making, and hand-crafting.

I'm a big supporter of the handmade movement, small and local businesses, and recycling and reclaiming as much as possible. The materials used in the making of my woodworking projects are locally salvaged and reclaimed, as often as possible.

Woodworking has been more than just a hobby and passion of mine, it's therapy from the rat race and the day-to-day. I’ve found it to be an amazingly therapeutic experience that relieves stress and makes me practice mindfulness, bringing my attention into the present moment.

Featured project: Wedding Wine & Letter Box

Handmade walnut wine & letter box for my wife and my non-traditional wedding ceremony. The idea behind this addition to a Wedding Ceremony is this: you make the wine & letter box, preferably in purist and romantic fashion, by hand, get a good bottle of wine, and write love letters to each other...

My biggest goal is to encourage and support each other in creating things by hand. Now get out there and make things! Feel free to reach out to me personally: [email protected] Thanks for your support.